Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gilligan's Last Feathered thing............

Wild adventure times with giant ones and masked bearded feather men and backwards creatures, and lots and lots of dancey dances.

stompy & little sparrow: dress Sportsgirl, feather headdress's Feather Children, sisterhood of the travelling minihorse tee shirt, home made pants


  1. Wow you both look amazing, those headbands are so so lovely!

  2. Oh that dress looks so good on you and love your mates outfits. Those head pieces are really amazing hey. They scream take photos of me!!!.

    Hope your having a great weekend. Lots of bunnies and eggs and that shbang your way

  3. love! plus that mini horses tee is fantastic!

  4. love these polariod shots
    georgeous :)

  5. I love feather headbands!! So cute and carefree! Great blog! xoxoxoxoxo

  6. I adore woman. Why am I not friends with this talented woman? Why?

    And I think I may have to head down to Shafto lane. No, bad Anika. Don't do it. Not after my Ellery shopping spree today. Expensive but oh so perfect. I'm in love!!!

    So how much did you feather headdress cost, and can I just steal yours? :D

  7. um hello i LOVE the constant appearance of feathers all over your page!!!

    and the skins/ jumper/ effie related post was too cute!

    the drawings are way pretty, befitting indeed!!

    yes i have gone overboard with my exclamation mark quota. just one more!

  8. i love these pictures
    i wish i had a polaroid camera


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