Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bunny Needs Love Now................

On investigating the tag on this dress to remember who it is by,  I noticed something I had never noticed before, on the little tag that gives you care instructions, at the bottom of it it says "Bunny Needs Love Now."  I don't know who this Bunny is, but I'm thinking there needs to be a more obvious way to get the message out! It sounds so urgent and important, whoever this Bunny is REALLY NEEDS LOVE, get a billboard people!  I suggest everyone check all the clothes they own and see what other important instructions that we are missing.   Poor Bunny, I shall get some love and ship it to you as soon as possible.

p.s on closer inspection of the tag there is a cartoon drawing of a dead rabbit! It must be dead because it has x's for eyes, and everybody knows that things with x's instead of eyes are dead!  Poor bunny, we all killed the bunny by neglecting to read the tags on our clothes and therefore we did not send any love poor dead bunny's way.  I hate when I see dead bunnies on the road, because you just KNOW they have like a million babies waiting at home for them.  Oh I love bunnies, I have made myself sad now....

the end

dress Fairground, shoes Sportsgirl, plait grown from my head and plaited rather clumsily with my hands


  1. Oh my I have such outfit envy right now! This dress is so gorgeous, the military style detail is wonderful and you look so beautiful in it :)

  2. :) Your so cute babe! Love the pretty dress. If I was wearing it i would want to listen to the beetles and march around the house.

    Hair looks super sweet. I can't master the milkmaid plait style at all.

  3. I love your little plait, I'm still trying to master the across the hairline one.

  4. oh u look so cute in this outfit :)

  5. this dead bunny story has made me sad as well

  6. i love fairground, such an awesome label. you look fantastic!


  7. cute outfit the boots are cool


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