Saturday, May 1, 2010

stripey mc stripe stripe...........

I'm pretty sure I will go on loving stripes forever AND EVER AND EVERRRR........

and whoa! I just realised, it is totally May today!! How did that happen???!!!
and holy moly, 6 months to the wedding! I better put my organising hat on!

dress and shoes Sportsgirl, belt from Lala Orange


  1.!!!! looking schmoking as usual!!
    how exciting for your wedding!! :) :)
    have a lovely weekend


  2. Stripes are always a winner! Loving that dress :)

  3. I too never tire from stripes :) Love the look!


  4. Your hair looks gorgeous!!

    Im loving stripes too - always looks good!

    Get planning girl!

    Char x

  5. Look at you! Im so excited for your upcoming wedding, I cant wait to see your dress! x

  6. You are so gorgeous, you always look like a super model!
    But wow..6 months! How very exciting!!! I wish you the best of luck in dress finding and planning everything so that it's perfect and magical like I'm sure it will be :)

  7. I think it must be stripey week! On a serious note though, I just did a post about how I am trying to work through a harrowing stripe addiction. You are welcome to join my support group if you feel it has reached that level for you too…
    And yay wedding! Are you having any bridezilla urges? As you are already a giant this could all go horribly wrong for the kind residents of Perth.

  8. ok a little scary but i wore this exact same outfit pretty much on the weekend. we have mutual good fashion taste. and may i know scary!!!

  9. You are stunning girl! I can't get enough of stripes either - perfect with the splash of colour :)

    Hope the wedding plans are coming along swimmingly! :)

    Luv, Friend in Fashion


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