Thursday, December 3, 2009


Have been feeling rather lost lately, but ol' stompy is going to get her life into order. Yes, organisation is a friendly word. Let's be friends Mr Organisation...with this new found friendship I will have more time for bloggetty bloggetting, drawing, Mr Bird and other such projects. Isn't that nice. YES IT IS YOU SAY, I AGREE WHOLE HEARTEDLY YOU SAY.  It is nice to agree, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Unicorns make the world go round.

and thanks muchly to lovely Nikki for her tips on hunting unicorns that live on dresses!

image from, I do not remember where, but whoever I found it from is clearly the most awesome person on the planet.. PLANET! DO YOU HEAR ME!? PLANET!


  1. I love that! Charlie the unicorn is amazing

  2. I do agree with everything you have said, Miss Stompy

  3. Motion seconded! Motion passed (hee hee, motion) it is law!

    I lost my unicorn and my popple, anyone seen them?

  4. yes i do full heartedly agree. you have the magic! keep spreading it. don't feel lost my friend. i know the feeling and it is no fun. you must keep away and keep up with your awesomeness. deal. :)
    peace & love!

  5. Naw unicornnn.... that reminds me of the movie the last unicorn, god that made me cry so much!

  6. agree with the lost thing...think its just this time of year everyone is so busy and burning out a bit. enjoy the hot perth w/end xx

  7. Unicorns do make the world go round! And you are just magical dear, like unicorns, of course! ♥


  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. hey, i just found your blog today and saw that you made a post about me and my blog, art, photography...
    thank you very much, that gives me an awesome feeling. and know i know that i need to make more pictures with that quotes as i didi it some month before...


  10. haha, love it! ill let you know if i see him roaming around north perth! great illustrations by the way:)

  11. I've put your cool piccy on my flickr!

  12. Yay, miss stompy...looking forward to it.
    p.s. this IS the best poster. Ever. Chair toting Anika has spoken.

    Hope you're not melting away slowly in the summer heat.....

  13. hahaha so cute!


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