Thursday, December 3, 2009

I want to ride my bicycle, except I can't because it's breaks snapped and.....

....a peddle fell off, whilst riding it, it was not dangerous at all.  This was over a year ago, but unfortunately my tastes for bicycles are rather expensive, think retro/classic, white, wicker basket(but not the wicker man, he is bad and evil) and lots of prettiness, so instead I just ride about on my invisible bicycle, or live vicariously through amazing pictures.

images via Kelsey Genna (who is indeed one talented lady)


  1. Stompy, these photos are lovely! Hope you dont feel so lost anymore, we must find you!

  2. Have i seen this on LOOKBOOK or have i just seen your blog before?!?! either way these are amazing. Would love to swap links with you if thats ok.

    Love Natalie from


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