Tuesday, December 15, 2009

List Of Things That Make Stompy Sad, Sad, Sad……………..

1. Computer has been taken over by an evil virus from evil land, therefore not many visits in blog town, even though I was all enthusiastic to bloggety every day.

2. My ear is blocked, and very hurty, this could be from the ridiculously loud gig on the weekend, or when I wasn’t looking a sneaky elephant climbed inside there to hide from poachers.

3. Mr Ipod is also brokey, he does strange things and skips all the songs and it makes my heart ever so sad, because I thought it was true love.

4. Bought some amazing summer flats, they were exactly like in imagination land inside my head. Got them home realised they had been cut into, appeared to be with scissors? (why!?) Had to return them, and none left in the entire universe in my size.

5. Bought bag that matched above shoes perfectly, now bag is all alone with no matchy friends, and is weeping and wailing rather loudly, which is causing people in the street to stare.

6. Still haven’t fixed Mr Camera, because I have to take it to some random place that is out of the way and I will never ever get around to taking it there. Why do we bother with technology? It just breaks all over everywhere and makes us cry tears of a rapper.

7. Some kind of mosquito creature just bit me on my face. It was not very polite at all.

8. I have only just started my Christmas shopping, the shops are scary and filled with millions of people that walk too slowly and get in my way.

9. Seriously, my ear really hurts.

10. I need new shoes on my feet, or I’ll be sad forever.

Mmmm delicious complaining!

Image from Nostalgie De La Boue
I really want to draw this dream catcher, it has many magical powers.


  1. Nawwww that is so sad about the shoes. Why would someone cut them. Maybe you could have repaired them with something funky like a brooch. Hmmm.... i hopes your ear gets betters x

  2. Your writing is hilarious! Sad on the shoes factor.. I seriously hate that, I have large feet (shame) and all the pretty shoes are tiny sizes. :( Maybe the mosquito migrated into your ear? is it buzzing

    ps i cant stand slow walkers, they should be banished from shopping

  3. don't be sad, beautiful.
    i wish i could stretch my arms wide enough to hug you

  4. miss stompy i like it when you are happy, happy, happy so please have a nice cup of egg nog (if you have a farm store near you there's is the yummy-est) and stir it with a candy cane. sip it and enjoy. let all those worries run away and smile. if you need an extra smile watch elf. that is the best-est holiday cheer movie.
    lots of peace, love & cheer your way my friend. :)

  5. tee hee your writings make me laugh! super cute!

  6. I love the dream catcher but not the serious afflictions. Sorry about the mozzies....damn them. And shoes cut into..whaaaa? What kind of craziness is this? I hope a replacement pair finds you. Sings out loud to join you and your raucous new bag of course ;)

    And g'luck with Christmas shopping. I actually abhor the city at this time...cringe.....I work in the city so its convenient to shop there but seriously people scare me at Christmas. All the best to you my dear, you'll need it!!!

  7. THE SHOES! this is sad. I will mourn their death for the rest of today. RIP. xxx bel

  8. dream chatcher...
    thank you very much for your awesome comment.
    have a great weekend-end.


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