Monday, March 2, 2009

Look into the stars as cars go by...

It has been a long weekend, and we filled it up with road tripping and what not. It is very lovely to be at home, dreaming of putting on comfortable pjs and reading glorious magazines. Why is it that long weekends don't go on forever? WHY!! TELL ME WHY!!?

sweater MINKPINK, skirt MINKPINK


  1. I'm loving that outfit. Looking good honey! Weekends are never long enough.

  2. Mink Pink, how we love you...let us count the ways!

    I too bought that sweater. Have yet to wear it, but I absolutely ADORE it!

    And I want that skirt, but (like a cheapskate) am thinking the price is a little steep for it?!?!

    Still, you're convincing me.
    Nice job :P

    Have a lovely week bella.

  3. i'm sorry but i don't know why ):
    but i do know that you look SO HOT with that hair of yours

  4. Hiya Stompy McStomperson. I need to say this: THAT SKIRT IS MAGNIFICENT. Kay? x

  5. I really like these photos of you.

    If you figure out how to extend weekends forever, please share. Thanks.

  6. you're hamical!
    verification is zeninds. which i like better than hamical!

  7. you take lovely photos!
    i love those shoes and skirt eeeeep =^.^=

  8. such a gorgeous photo sequence! so dreamy!!


  9. I really like these photos. And your top. And your skirt. and your hair. and your face.

    oh your shoes too.

    xoxo Lana

  10. I adore the soft tones of your photographs, they make me feel like sitting on my bed and reading great mags :D


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