Thursday, March 26, 2009

and if you are a ghost, I'll call your name......

It could be a cool thing to do some rad blog posts right about now. But Mr Internet is
not my friend and I am feeling rather lazy. Here is a picture of old stompy. I know you like things that are old and stomp a lot.
I wish I had more time to blog, maybe that should be my new job. Who would like to pay me for that? That would be cool.
I have been wasting too much time on Twitter lately too.


  1. You are pretty & I love you! I hope you and Mr Internet patch things up soon.

  2. Shame about the internet! And I too would love to blog as a job. Pay me instead? :D

    p.s. Love the light in this pic.
    p.p.s. We really need to catch up, being the Perth contigent (I don't know any other Perth bloggers)

    How's Mr Bird doing?

  3. hi gorgeous.

    I think twitter is killing my life tooooooo.

  4. stompy one, you're too pretty. x

  5. Hey girly, you made my day with that Twitter tweet about a new musical band. I LOVE YOU for it! :]



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