Thursday, March 19, 2009

Portable Film Festival...............

Just been checking out Portable Film Festival which for this week, is showing a fashion-themed online video showcase, in partnership with L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion week.

There are heaps and heaps of glorious videos to watch. I am especially loving the Look Like You Sound video, featuring some of my fave tunes.

Especially will check for part 2 of Local Thread tomorrow. Which will show some great designers such as Willow and Morrissey...and their behind the scenes creativity and what not. Also, a short film featuring wares from Alice Euphemia (cute cute shop, oh to be in Melbourne again.)


  1. Oooh, thanks for the hot tip. I'm on to it tomorrow, after work.

    Have a lovely weekend. We're going to try out the new jazz club, the Ellington...yay!

  2. ooh this sounds fantastic!! we need more festivals in town here..

  3. loooove this picture. weird and strange, yet in the most perfect of ways!

  4. How r you beautiful!...looks interesting! Thanks, gotta check it out...


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