Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mr Bird's Adventures....

This is Mr Bird, he is a very nice bird. He lives over here.


  1. mr. bird has such long legs. lucky

  2. Ah why is my computer so mean to me when it comes to loading your blog? I have no problem loading anyone's blog but every time I load your's, it takes like 5 minutes! (Which is super slow for my computer!) :(

    BUT, your blog is worth the wait! ;) And Mr. Bird? I love his long legs! :D And I'm trying to see more, but Mr. Bird's blog is loading slow, haha.


    P.S. Tried to vote this "Glorious" but my computer couldn't seem to register my click, how rude!

  3. Can be a wing man for Mr. peanut! Get it? Sorry...sometimes I can't help it.

  4. thank you for the reassurance on the fringe, i figure in about two weeks it should be a more desirable length, and oh my mr bird is quite the amusement!


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