Friday, March 27, 2009

Holy Moly!

I want I want! Where can I order some studs so I can stud my life forever? Like cover everything I own in studs, even my house, and I will call it a stud palace and all the tiny studs will grow arms and legs and faces and serenade me beautiful songs and do strange interpretive dances.


  1. oh man!
    i really really really heart those.
    so freaking cool.
    lol at studding your whole house!
    =] much love x

  2. oh god, these jeans are amazing!
    want them!!!!!!!!
    Very good DIY project :D

  3. I also adore studs. I would like to live in a studded palace as well.
    Heres one lin:
    But I'm not sure whether it ships to outside the UK.

  4. lol@the tiny studs will grow arms and legs and faces and serenade me and do strange interpretive dance! Lol!

    p.s. I bought my studs off of ebay....but off the American ebay site, it costs approx $Aud 6-7 and no shipping. Pretty decent :)

    p.p.s. Yay, lets be strange and catch up...let me know what works for you...maybe next week some time? I'm easy about what to do....wait...pass that on to Mr Bird ;)

  5. I got studs on ebay last year ans put them on everything... Just be careful where you sit because they will rip the couch.

  6. I love this girl's jeans!! Oh and I used my iTunes Gift card to download their whole CD!! :] thank you!


  7. I recently got some studs from, and some from ebay too. Shipping is always a bit pricey, but no-matter cos they're too awesome!
    Something similar to these pure aweome jeans might have to be my next project!

  8. Did I mention that they were awesome?

  9. you're so funny/loveable/great!
    i've bought/found old studs and i am so obsessed right now but i just don't know where to put theeeem.
    damn you, you stupid fashion trends we all love!

  10. Can I ask you a favour? If you are inclined, would you be so kind as
    to pop over to
    I just would love if you would vote for your favourite. Better if you vote for me. :)
    Thank you
    The Seeker

  11. My first thought was "ouch!" but I am a silly one, haha.

    They're pretty damn fine.

  12. so cheap. I love these pants allot, I am going to make a pair, asap!

  13. hahaha! you're funny :P do make sure to invite me to that stud palace of yours!!!

  14. ... by far the best stud-addicts crack house.

    and these jeans! these jeans! i truly love them

  15. hey hey, wanna meet up at a boot sale/flea market? If we can't find any, I can introduce you to the op-shop that I got my chanel at (and that I love, my secret shhh!)

  16. i love those jeans too!

    your blog is gorgeous by the way xox

  17. Totally my next DIY project!!
    And I get my studs at they often have specials so it ends up being dirt cheap. Like I just got 100 pyramid ones for $3.30 =)


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