Friday, February 27, 2009

Stud Mc Stud Features...

This is some kind of trick photography, as actually the studs are very square not roundish. Be there or be quadrilateral, is what I screeched loudly at the studs, and they knew only to obey. It is the only way. There is some kind of fringe hiding on my head there, but my limbs with hand things hanging off them are blocking it. YOU WILL NOT SEE THE ELUSIVE FRINGE. It is very secret. Only the things that are secret must hide, but the studs are allowed to prance about in photos feeling rather roundish when indeed they are of the square kind. Which by the way, a skirt covered all over in studs is pretty rad town, especially when you have really been deprived of the stud loving. One day I plan to stud my entire forehead, and then I can be cool.

p.s. the doors have studs on them too, and by studs I mean door handles, oh those doors are so darn cool............

skirt MINKPINK, top Sportsgirl,


  1. oh i love anything studded. wonderful!

  2. i loved your studs, you pretty stompface.
    i now want to get some studs for myself.

  3. That is a truly fantastical skirt!!

    I wish we had MinkPink here!!

    xoxo L

  4. Woah, that skirt is flippin fabulous!!

  5. Once again you make what we do look fan-fucking-tastic!

    Ha ha, nah i don't know them but it wasn't a stupid question because even though wollongong isn't that small you always end up knowing someone who knows someone you know!


  6. that's lovely=]

  7. Great skirt! Your picture always look so cool...xo

  8. Really like your blog

  9. I love that skirt, it is almost like a piece of artwork it is so hot :D

  10. i love this skirt! i contemplated buying it, how is it? true to size. ah you've just made me want it even more!

  11. i love love love love that skirt. why oh why why am i here not in australia anymore. unfair.

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