Tuesday, April 17, 2012

when it was saturday........

... this is what I wore, for a casual day of ignoring sport on the TV to the best of my ability.

I will forever be obsessed with morange, as I am sure you know too well by now.  It is my absolute favourite shade of lipstick ever.

This is how I did my hair, it is getting long enough to do things with it again, hooray! I am still loving the length though.

Will be getting my hair did again in a couple of weeks.  Should I go blonde blonde? Or keep the darker bits through it? I love when other people make my decisions for me so feed back is WONDERFUL.

stylestalker tank, supre skirt, sportsgirl shades and necklace, bag forever new, lipstick morange by MAC


  1. Beautiful hair style! I have to say that I really love the black bits in your hair :)

  2. you always rock a fab lip colour girl! & i love love how you've done your hair. i love having short hair but then sometimes i miss having a bit of length to play around with it. if only we could grow & retract hair at a click of our fingers that would be great haha.x

  3. oh how i missed your blog!!!
    you look as banging as always, that 'do suits you so much lady!

    new blog is up and running ;)

  4. Swoon! I love the Skeley top! on the other hand... MORANGE MORRBLONDE, well maybe a little bit more? i love the brown in the braids though. Morbabe!



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