Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MORE mustard.................

some dodgy instagram photos for you to feast your eyes upon. It will be a good feast, because there is PLENTY of mustard involved. Yes mustard is delicious. Do not try to deny it.

dress Miss Shop, Necklace Forever New, lipstick Morange by MAC ( yes I know I am obsessed with morange, it is my FAVOURITE colour in the world)


  1. you paired that dress with such a normal necklace, makes that dress such a good 'transition' dress as you could def wear it night & day :) x

  2. I have the same necklace! I wear it so much, instantly glams up any outfit! morange is the BEST colour!

  3. You really rock the mustard! So jealous because I look horrible in it. And the necklace finishes it off perfectly xx

  4. You look great in mustard.

  5. You look tasty in mustard. In a non creepy way. x


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