Monday, April 9, 2012

Experience II....................

Yes I am a BIT obsessed with this Fairground tank dress, but it is pinkish and sparkly and sequinny and there is A PONY on it, yes a pony.  So it is pretty much my best friend in dress form.

Wearing the Dragon Alliance Experience II shades from the Black Gold Collection thanks to Sweaty Betty. More reflector love.  I love that these shades are unisex too and I can swap shades with my husby on a whim.

More photos featuring the Viceroy to come soon.

shades Dragon Alliance, dress Fairground, shoes Diavolina by Robert Robert, necklace Sportsgirl


  1. Girl you rock those shades like it's nobodies business! love it! love it all!

  2. Those shades are so freaking GOOD Abby! xxxxx

  3. Ok that's it, I've caved. I NEED THAT TOP/DRESS/SPARKLY PONY THING!!

  4. Ahhhhhhhh! Ponies on dressed I need it ahhh. I love you. Your glasses are so rad. I must follow you.


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