Friday, April 20, 2012


This is me, wearing a mustardy knitty delight, about to go out for dinner with the ever amazing gorgeous lady Young Zeus.  I wish she blogged still, because she is freakin cool, and her blog was a favourite of mine.

I've been wearing this skirt to death, its not good when I do that because one day I will hurt it and never want to wear it again.  What a sad day that will be.

But today is not a sad day, because I won a dress and got to go home super early. Yay me and yay Friday's! Hope you are all having amazing ones.

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  1. You are gorgeous! I love your outfit and the knit wear, mustard is definite love! And those shoes are stunning! I love the shade, is the material velvet? Have fun tonight with your friend & congrats again for winning the dress from Russh lucky lady! XO

  2. This look is perfect, adore the mustard trend.

    Eda ♥

  3. the mustard is too good, cute outfit abby! I hope you had a nice dinner :)
    ps. really glad I found your blog, just followed and look forward to reading some more.
    B x

  4. Love love loving you in mustardy goodness! I adore those shoes too! Such a stylin babe mcbaberson! xx


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