Sunday, March 18, 2012

outfit times.............

 Last night's outfitty of delight! IT WAS A FUN OUTFIT.

There is nothing more fun then wearing an outfit you are really excited about.

The highlight of my evening was the two adorable middle aged men who fell asleep in the corner at the pub I was at, they were absolutely precious, and I don't know why but it made me so happy that their friends just kept drinking and allowed them to sleep peacefully amongst them.  I wish they were MY friends.

top Temt, skirt factorie, bag Forever New, MAC Morange lipstick, Sportsgirl necklace, Cheeky Alice perfume, Sportsgirl Rings, Wildfox bracelet, shoes Diavolina by Robert Robert, Gold Sportsgirl nail polish


  1. major hottie!!! so pretty lady. xxx

  2. Love this outfit! The skirt is perfect!

    xx Rebecca

  3. Wish I could pull of bold red lips, looks gorgeous.

  4. Adorable! And the skirt is perfect xx

  5. Your lips are BEAUTIFUL! Just like the rest of you derr... But I LOVE this outfit mega babe indeed! The Skirt is too sweet!

  6. Looking like a complete cute-pa-tootie here hun



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