Friday, March 23, 2012

grey x cream x gold x lace.......................

Just  a simple one from the other night.  Have always been a massive fan of things that are cream and lacey and grey and tee shirt, and Gandalf the Grey. Oh Gandalf!

It is the day of Fri! HAPPINESS CONSUMES ME, just as soon as this freakin work day is over.  Time please go faster, thanks.

bracelet & necklace Wildfox, lacey skirt Sabo Skirt, tee Sportsgirl, boots Soles,


  1. Hello stompface, you are a silver fox. All foxy and silver and creamy and Lacey. I like lace. And foxes.

  2. I just bought a grey t-shirt quite similar to yours the other day (probably like 1 of 10 garments of clothing I've bought in the last 3 years!), and now I'm going to be thing Gandalf the Grey, every time I wear it! :D Your lacy skirt is pretty!

    P.S. I heart* you too. <3

    (*Haha, I accidentally typed "heat" originally ... that would make less sense, but I bet you'd know what I meant anyway, cause you're awesomesauce like that.)

  3. Absolutely glorious you are!! I love your Wildfox Jewellery and beautiful lace skirt. Such a babe <3 So addicted to your blog!! xx

  4. love love that skirt!!! So adorable!

  5. Lovely outfit! :)

  6. cute skirt !! xx


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