Monday, March 19, 2012

gold and leopard and pretty blue flowers...........

Wore this yesterday....

I enjoy gold tipped shirts very much.  Anything gold is alright in my book, in my big book of gold, about gold made of gold. Gold gold gold.  All I can think of is Austin Power's quotes in my head, it is quite overwhelming.  I must watch that movie again asap.

p.s. how pretty are the flowers! they are the BEST colour.
cutoffs nobody, shirt Retro Safari, necklace & shades Sportsgirl, shoes Miss Shop, bag Forever New, bracelet Wildfox


  1. Oh, wow, Miss Shop, how amazing are the shoes?! Love it. And the shirt, great post!

    Love Jenelle

  2. love the shoes! step up for Miss Shop! x

  3. Love the shoes-I want a pair!

  4. beautiful flowers and what a fun outfit!

  5. Love the shoooes and the whole outfit dear! :B
    your blog is awesome, followin you via gfc and bloglovin' :)

  6. I love that blue flowers at the back. Nice outfit too!

    Wedding Flowers Melbourne


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