Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MHQ August................

ahh Market HQ, they hold my heart.  Super in love with this latest look book, SO MUCH SUMMERY and BRIGHTS it makes my heart soar with happiness!

When can I have a summah!?

Model: Elouise Morris @ Chic
Photography and Creative Direction: Kaycie Smith
Hair and Makeup: Desiree Wise @ Network Agency
Styling: Georgie Hilton


  1. Wow, what great styling/photography/clothing! Market HQ always gets it right! x

  2. Oh, Abby! You can have our summer, I'll ship it to you! It comes complete with wretchedly humid temperatures hovering at 120° F / 49° C, haha. That being said, it has (thankfully) cooled down a little bit ... I'm no longer forced onto a diet of popsicles and ice cream.

    I'm digging those pants in the last photo!

    Hope you're well. <3


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