Tuesday, August 30, 2011

walkies walkies!

One day, two days ago on Sunday.  I took my favourite dog Maxie Moo for a walk in the wilderness.  Mr Stompface came too, because he is a good sort.  What a magical lake we walked around, it was quite wonderful, it is in the middle of ugly suburbia you would not know it was there.  We saw old people there disobeying all the rules, letting their dog run free and stealing all the flowers. THIEVERY.  You just can't trust old people these days.

jumper Bauhaus, skirt Dotti, sunnies & bag Sportsgirl, dog Max best dog in the UNIVERSE


  1. Such a cute pooch, I wish I had a dog to walk - you look lovely and I like the poloroid-style snaps.

    Eda ♥

  2. adore these pictures lady! woohoo I'm actually checking blogs! first time in months x

  3. beautiful place, photos & outfit lovely lady!!! X

  4. Beautiful pics, looks like it was a great walk. And I love that skirt. PS - Maxie Moo is so cute xx


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