Tuesday, August 16, 2011

lovin somedays lovin......

Yes this is a wonderful wonderful lacey capey thing of delight. Via the lovely ladies at Somedays Lovin,  I surely do love your work!  And they must know of my extreme capey thingy obsession! I love them very much.

Wore this out to my friend's 21st on the weekend, these were the best snaps I got.

So over this crazy wintery weather, this cape would be so magical in the summertime....

cape Somedays Lovin, shorts Nobody, bag top & shoes Sportsgirl, morange lipstick MAC


  1. that is a beautiful lacey cape, bring on summertime!! like right now please :) XO

  2. yes I really love this outfit!! :)

  3. gahhh best top! perfect all year round!!


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