Tuesday, March 15, 2011

dance party times are the best kind of times.....

I found this photo from the same night as the husband and wife dance party. It is a rather happy and fun photo, and those are the best kind of photos! 

I have been reminiscing through all the family adventures over the last couple of months through all my photos. My only regret is not documenting our family games night we had at the beginning of the year, that was wild, everyone went loopy and all the children ran free, and I for some reason made snow flakes with my lovely nieces, and my dad played a spelling game and it brought the teacher out in him. And my mum made delicious dip and all were merry! But seriously there must be something in board games, because everyone became really hypo and giggly and strange, and my cousin who we barely know who was over from Melbourne probably wasn't afraid at all. Good times.  Boardgames are timeless.


  1. you look like you are having a blast ^^ I love your face on that picture

  2. I adore boardgames! We have a stack in our loungeroom for great wholesome fun.
    I miss my family! All of them in far away West Oz.

  3. I love pictures where they capture the moments :) huzzah to boardgames! everyweek we play srabble and at first everyone is so serious but by the end of the game we all just make up our own words, it's much more fun when no ones serious isnt it :)


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