Monday, March 7, 2011

all of the above creative..........

with the ever lovely L

and with my lady love Zeus

This was a super fun night with my rad P-town blog's great to see so many great creative things coming from Perth.  All Of The Above Creative is truly amazing check it out immediately!

I didn't take any photos because my sad camera is put to shame by all the other awesome cameras that were there... so I have borrowed from Fall Victim To Fashion (what a lady!) and Fickle Sense (Super wonderful) Check their blogs for better posts of this event... Also Distrikmode did a great posty too.

P.s (Don't be fooled by the camera I am holding in the second picture, that wonderous beast belongs to L!)

Wearing MINKPINK dress you can purchase this prettyness at Market HQ I'll do a better post of this today, Sportsgirl shoes, forever new bag


  1. you look great, I like your make up a lot ^^

  2. you three all look gorgeous! i'm annoyed i missed it now, it looked like awesome fun..


  3. love your peachy/orange-y lips. DE-VINE! so great to see you again miss pretty head! cant wait for more adventures! and many, many. many more will ensure! I am for sure!

  4. gorgeous, dress is to die for lady!

  5. I die for your red lipstick.


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