Friday, August 21, 2009


New Russh website is looking pretty amazing, can't wait for the new issue to come out next week... oh my magazine addiction, will you ever die??


  1. That shade of blue is INCREDIBLE, and I love the contrast to the red lips - wonderful post x

  2. Holes in swimming suit-60s risque, loove it. I think I should kick my own magazine addiction,but I have grown accustomed to cramming my head full of fashion and music information and then rading the net for online publications.

  3. woohoo! i have finally found a newsagents here in london, who stocks russh mag! stoked! love that blue! xo

  4. did not know they had a new website...thanks.

  5. That picture is so powerful. I always cant wait for russh to come out, my local newsagency is like "yes russh came in this morning please dont have a panic outside my shop". I cant wait for this months, they should definitly release it every month :)

  6. gorgeous.

    no, magazine addictions are life-long I'm afraid. still can't quite get over ElleGirl from when I was 14, even though it was canceled years ago :P

    GAH. for some highly unethical reason, my google reader deleted Stompface! and Mr. Bird!

    actually it deleted pretty much everything, which was highly frustrating and still in the process of being fixed. grrrrr.

    will definitely use that remote to the best of my remotey and bloggy abilities so that the blog karma may shine happily upon me and never delete my blog roll again.

    good solution

  7. i also love magazines (as do most girls i know) it really is an addiction! me and my friends used to read such classy magazines but now all we seem to be reading is the magazines where the price is bigger than the name. my friend picked up a porn magazine and she was like this is really interesting and wanted to buy it but then we imagined her dads face when he found out his daughter reads porn and we were laughing so much! but i never knew that porn magazines actually had interviews and articles in between all the delightful pictures! you learn something new everyday! x

  8. im worrying i'll spend about $200 on magazines this september

  9. every blogger has posted that photograph today!

  10. ohhhh GREAT MINDS! i posted this too! sooo amazing. ali stephens is gorgeous. xxx bel

  11. each and every time i look at this picture, i'm moved. the blue hues, the orange lips, it's all so deliciously good. the new russh is quite amazing.


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