Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Once upon a time....

There lived a girl named Stompface, it was an unusual name for a girl, but her parents were from a strange land where instead of saying 'Hello' you would simply step on the other person's face. It wasn't a very polite place, where they insisted that you made pants entirely out of icecream containers, but that is a whole other story...

Any how, in the land of all things stompy they decided it would be a good idea to make crowns entirely out of alfoil. This was an idea that was suggested by the Bicycle Pirate, who was neither made entirely out of bicycles nor out of pirates as her name might suggest.... So onto their heads some kind of alfoily contraption would go, this gave them instant magical powers. And the magical powers involved camera fixing and also narwhal taming.

But mainly camera fixing, because my camera is still broken. Why am I so lazy WHY WHY??? The answer is because... I can't be bothered thinking of a proper answering.

The End

p.s the words are from a magical kingdom
p.p.s this picture makes me happy, oh little sparrow, I love you so....

image from Russh


  1. Icecream container pants? That might actually work...

  2. uuh what a funny land (:
    sorry for your camera!


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