Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I really wish my camera was not brokey, but it is because I was silly and was drinky whilst with camera which means brokey. And yes that is Mr Stompface hiding there, but I had to blocky him outty because he had been drinky and had decided that dish clothes were good attire for ones head.

In the mean time, I have been sick, and in this time I have discovered I am a rather big fan of breathing. Seriously it is useful.

In this time I have also been watching Chuck, and I am now fully in love with Chuck, and have also decided that my career shall be as a spy. So if any spy recruiting such agencies out there are out there, then I would like to be one, ever since watching excessive amounts of Chuck I have to restrain myself from fighting civilians because they may or may not be Fulcrum...oh being home sick is a sad sad thing.

In the meantime, I am waiting for the weekend, waiting for some inspiration, and dreaming of throwing it all in and becoming a gypsy.....


  1. let's just become gipsies and breath as much as we want!

  2. lol, I love your should seriously consider a career as a writer!

    and p.s. what a cutie ash is...but more importantly, hello hot stuff!

    I know I am terrible for not organising to meet up with you yet. Lets remedy that. Bring the towel wearing one. And we'll drink.
    What area is good for you? Freo?
    I have a wedding on Sat but should be free Sunday?!?! Or after that?

    hope your week is going welllll

  3. haha! your just adorable.
    and i agree with that other comment go be a writer already! haha so cute.
    & you look pretttyyyyyy.

  4. hahaa my friend and I realised that our uni degree equips us for nothing, and then he saw a facebook ad which told him that to join ASIO (australian spies) all you need is a degree, so that is our new job. spies hahaha
    hope you feel better,
    xox your fellow gypsy

  5. Poor MR STOMPFACE, he'll live. You know, i;ve been reading this blog for a while now, and i've come to the simple conclusion, that STOMPFACE is such a genius name. Well im off to ponder my thoughts now.

  6. You are right fine sir. Its Jaeger as in 'jaeger bomb', 'jaegermeister', and 'jaeger.' the name of my future first son. not even kidding HAHA.

  7. A FAMILY BAND ! that will forever be embedded in my brain, and when i hear the names Devendra & Sufjan, im gonna be like WOWZAH, i knew of the blogger who produced you little earthlings, and then we will frolick into the sunset, whilst your family band plays some nice folky montage type thing. i want to make another post - any ideas of what i should talk about ?

  8. LIFE IS MAGICAL. i can guarantee you can produce to musically trained BABIES, thats right babies but sunrise. they will be equipped with hippy-fringed bum bags, tie dyed rompers, and will be fluent in Klingon + Elven. Those are some spectacular spaws right thinking of subliminal messages as we speak, and will be sure to mention you in my next post. The Elven gods would be proud,

  9. Love your hat and i hope you get better soon! x

  10. HAHAHAH. her head pieces are oh so fantastical. i would die, go to heaven and become a lion just to have one. i have a freakishly large head and you have a freakishly small one, creeeeeeeeeepy ! sew it together asap, and reincarnate it ! it deserves another life. i like your contamintation on my blog, you are a good conversationalist. (Y) true story. THATS SO TRUE, put on a feathered headband, and you can walts around in a long jumper (that is basically a dress), and you're good to go !

  11. you look gorgeous!!
    red lipstick suits you

  12. Love this random schpeel, its hailarous and you are gorgeous! I would have love to have Mr stopface sporting that dish cloth, hilarious!

    Get well soon gorgeous x xx

  13. get well soon and i love chuck too! x

  14. hello hello, just wanted to say hello before I go to bed. How was your weekend? Lots of drinking involved? Mine didn't (include lots of booze) but was still enjoyable. Have a nice work to working at all!

  15. i LOVE your blog. it's really nice (L). i'm following it (:


    One Love,


    love the pic below, fringe obsession!

  18. same thing happened to mine where the shutter would not open and it would create these "tunnel" look photos...
    hope you fix it!


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