Thursday, August 13, 2009


Today I went on an oh so very glorious shopping expedition. It involved the purchasing of millions of lipsticks and nail polishes and lacy things and extreme feather earrings and delightful smelling perfume and pretty tees and tie dye tights and was rather marvellous.

Tomorrow it is Friday and perhaps I will draw all over myself with the new lipstick and nailpolishes and wear all the tees and lacy things and earrings and giant things from giant land all at once and look very magical indeed. HUZZAH!!!

images from emporium


  1. huzzah indeed!
    I want to see the nailpolish monster haul!

  2. sweet jesus she is STUNNING! WOW WOW WOW! love the clothes too...arggg all TOO good! hope your still not too hungover babe!

    xxx bel

  3. such a prettyful model :)as well as what shes wearing.
    fun shopping expedition!

  4. AAAHH it's MAK! i love her! i got to help dress her at RAFW. love the styling!


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