Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tremendous Dynamite......

Mmm crochet. It is lovely to be covered in such a blanket. They are also useful as pants, that's right blanket pants. Everyone is wearing them these days. Nice pants, are they woven? Yes sir, yes they are.

Hombre Lobo is living inside of my ears, and it is quite the wonderful thing.

Mr Fringe is too tall, TOOOOO tall. He must be shortened with some kind of magical shortening instrument, possibly scissors. Or hedge clippers.

Mr Bird can't remember things.

Tiehead is very nice.

The End

Childhood blanket, tee Maiden Threads


  1. Adorable! It's raining here in the UK and the granny in me would kill to be wrapped up on the sofa with a crochet blanket.

    PP x

  2. i love these blankets :) I did a post just recently on my blog with the most gorgeous crochet blanket!!! ps my fringe is way too tall needs a trim

  3. I just found a crochet shirt in my aunt's closet....might have to test drive it soon.

    cute post


  4. Wow sweetheart!
    This is such a gorgeous picture!!!

    LOVE Mr. Fringe and Mrs. Blanket... :)


  5. hehehhehe .. MR FRINGE!!
    love your blog dear!! wonderful wonderful fashion updates. love love your blog.

    hope u will like mine too.

  6. Lol, you always make me laugh/crack up (guaranteed :).
    p.s. I love your crochet. Need to get me into crocheting and needlework...or maybe I can convince Stuart to make me one? Snigger :D

    Your weekend sounds like it was alot of fun. I bummed in my drop crotch pants, ate alot of food (that we made), watched movies and I also hyperventilated over Robert Pattinson sex pictures. Yeah, I'm a loser like that. Stuart accepts it :)

    p.s. when are we catching up for a drinking session? Lets do it before I get so old, one drink will be enough to disable me.

    Hope you're having a fab week.
    hello to Ash (from the swing chair retard/psycho axe-murderer :)

  7. the colour combo is wonderful and for some reason reminds me of icecream?
    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneOns X

  8. I used to have loads of these blankets xoxox

  9. first time i come on your blog,
    lovely lovely selection of pixxxx I have to say


    bonne nuit
    la chauve-souris


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