Tuesday, June 23, 2009


New Russh tomorrow.....but for now am browsing and loving the new Russh blog. Blog land is now a happier place....


  1. thanks for the heads up!
    im catching a flight on friday and ill pick this up to read! yayyyy
    i thought there'd be nothing good out this week. so im now happy. :)

  2. Love that cover, Katie looks great

  3. Russsssssssh. Yayyyy. Sorry about the yelling miss, I just got excited there.

    How you doing? Me so tired, me go to bed. Cannot wait for Friday dammit. I want to drink myself moderaly pissed. Lol :)

    Hope all is well with you and the boy and the people at your work and the guy who delivers your milk and errr Mr Sweater ;)

    Have a great one dearie

  4. lovely hat

    the crumpet girls

  5. ahhh my absolute favourite magazine. too bad the shipping to europe is filthy expensive and I haven't managed to find a store that sells it anywhere in here!


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