Monday, June 1, 2009

Almost over........

The weekend is almost over, that makes my heart sad sad sad.

They should invent some kind of neverending weekend, much like the neverending story, in the fact that in our long weekends we would all ride around on giant white fluffy dragon things.

Also, if you listen to a 1 and half hour documentary on channel 7 yesterday where they were trying to say dragons are real, then well I guess it's already half true.

Am I making sense and dollars?

image from Cat Wennekamps dripbook


  1. Those leggings are to-die-for. Very, very cool. Wonderful blog x

  2. amazing pic! i can't think of anything better than a tight nude top with defined shoulders!

  3. ill agree with your never ending weekend scheme, lets do it!

  4. Whoa, why you do this to me?!?!!!!!
    The top, the leggings, the weekend.....all outta my reach ;)

    And lol at the chair comment. Thought you'd appreciate my pissant posing on it, given the state it was in when we found it. Lol!

    I cannot wait for the weekend...wednesday, here we come.
    Here's to a zooming through the rest of the week :D

  5. GLORIOUS :)
    no other words to describe it.

    PS: thank youu! :)


  6. the neverending story dragon, falcor, rocks!! if we can't get neverending weekends, the standard should be 3 day weekends every other week!

  7. I'm in serious lust here. Sharp shoulders + nude= dangerous.


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