Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beards beards glorious beards!

Stompface's glorious beard, in the words of a great man, "Well, the goal is to grow it so long that I don't need to wear pants anymore."

That's right everyone, BEARD PANTS! Move over Blanket Pants...

Spent another glorious night with the Bicycle Pirate, galavanting at The Basics gig, taking over their merchandise stand and explaining the joys of claymation to hungry buyers. Also drawing all over strangers arms, meeting strange bicycle riding men ( the pirate loved this one), making velvety friends in the bathroom (you can see part of one of their faces above), reinactments of wheel barrow events, Gob Bluth, hotel rooms, permanent markers, Fred Savage and throwing Hubba Bubba bubble tape across the streets.

The End


  1. lol ... i always tell people i wish i had a beard and they laugh and think imcrazy :) i love it

  2. hahah f'n hilarious

    Vi from Cali

  3. Wow, that sounds a hell of a lot more fun than my weekend. I had ALOT of fun, got moderately drunk, danced to classic cheese music (yay!) and perved on REALLY hot men at a friends birthday party. As you do. Still, meeting lunatics and moreso behaving like one is always a win win.

    p.s. loving the beard
    p.p.s. yep, I'm good for drinking whenever....maybe after work drinks on a friday???

    have a lovely week! I want the weekend already :/

    oh, robert pattinson. hello. nice choice :)

  4. love your hair

    the crumpet girls

  5. Ha! My best friend has thin hair so she can only make a mustache :-)


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