Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ohhh what is that on the ground, is that some kind of tag, perhaps I shall pick it up and type words at it...

Tag town, I have been tagged by Meg of Tjejsajten who is sweet as pie, a REALLY sweet pie, filled with chuppa chups, but the sticks are still in there so it is kind of plastic melty so you probably wouldn't want to eat it, which is a good thing, because I would really miss her blogging if you ate her.

Describe your personal style:

What are the staples in your wardrobe?: Well all those staples I collected from the office supply cupboards and have sewn into some kind of intricate ball gown. Apart from those, giant black shoes, loose floaty dresses and tees, and some kind of wild accessory thrown in to party.
What's your signature look?: At the moment, my long wild free hair, seems to take over everything else I am wearing.

What inspires you?: books, music, blogs, love, magazines, friends, dinosaurs, gingerbread houses.

Who is your fashion muse?: I can't narrow down just one, I have millions. MILLIONS!

Favourite purchase of all time?: Who do you think would win in a fight between Mr Camera and Mr iPod? Because they are both making me very happy at the moment.

Biggest splurge?: a house, 2 years ago with the boyfriend, I'm still paying that bad boy off.

What's your beauty routine? Moisturise, mascara first because my eyelashes are too long and the mascara ends up everywhere, and it is very embarrassing and I must not let people see me doing my makeup. Then just a tiny bit of foundation, then some bronzer, blush and some love, some shimmer town, and sometimes I draw all over my face with eyeliner.

What jewelry do you never take off?: a thin gold bracelet that the boyfriend bought for our first Valentines day. CHEESE.

What are you wishing for?: Winter, because all the beautiful winter clothes and what not at the shops are mocking me. They yell mean things such as "IT IS TOO HOT FOR YOU TO WEAR ME NOW!" It hurts my feelings.

What are your obsessions?: If you know me very well, you would know that I am very much obsessed with a lot of things. My biggest obsession would probably be music. Mmm delicious tunes inside my ears.

I tag the entire universe.


  1. Oh god, I couldn't imagine living with my man. He splashes water all over the sink when he washes his face and wastes toothpaste!

    Ok, I'll deal with our issues myself.

    But come get your award from me girl!

  2. i'm so jealous of your boyfriend right now.

  3. "mascara first because my eyelashes are too long"

    ummmmmmmm WAH!
    that's all i have to say to you!

    wow you bought a house 2 years ago? are you older than i thought you were?


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