Friday, February 6, 2009

Fear not you're a rainbowarrior...

From the archives, I think this was September 07. My hair looks short, strange. If my memory serves me correctly I was dancing wildly to the likes of CocoRosie. Someone who likes badgers probably took this photo.

Looking at old photos is a wild ride.


  1. trippy as picture, old photos are the best x

  2. we both should get together for a sketching session and then dance outrageously to the rythm of rainbowarriors

  3. i love going back and looking at old pics. it's so exciting!

  4. looks like drunken antics to me, i love it! i can't believe how much your hair has grown in less than 2 years! i'm super jealous, my hair is in the worst condition from too much straightening xx

  5. I could use a glass of wine...

  6. coco <3
    rosie <3

    we are musical soulmates


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