Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mr 200...

Well hello there Mr 200 Posts, it is very very lovely to meet you.

I took Caitlin's advice and ate Mr Creative the icecream block, and magically I came out with some kind of drawing today. I hope Mr Creative Block doesn't have any cousins that would be mad that I ate him, and that will come and find me and then I will be creative blocked again, because it was quite fun drawing today.

ink drawing, watercolour pencils


  1. hello miss talented
    this looks stunning!
    you should draw all the time all day long.

  2. That's so beautiful!!! Agreed, you should draw all the time!

    xo L

  3. HOORAY there is peace in the world!
    i hope mr icecream block was very delicious and gave you great fulfillment to eat.

  4. oh stompface!! applause! i love it when you draw and this one is just marvellous!

  5. this is too beautiful..
    more, more!!
    you will be posting more yes?? =)
    i wish i was this talented..

    && how lucky are your feet to have those shoes!! haha
    i wish i could settle on a pair but i love them all.. ahh, the everyday dramas of being a girl =P

    i love your blog gorgeous, && my hair is extremely jealous of yours!!


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