Sunday, July 25, 2010

the lion tamer...................

They call me the Lion Tamer, because apparently that's what I look like when I crack out my wildly unembarrassing dance moves.  And by wildly unembarrassing, I mean extremely embarrassing.... but it is good to tame the lions.  Because if they are not tamed they might bite off your head.  Then everyone will call you Headless Henry and that will hurt your feelings.  You will end up living in a cave and growing your beard long and stopping bathing, and you will build a friend out of old bits of cardboard.  And you and Cardboard Bob will have wonderful conversations about snow boarding and collecting shells at the beach and what not.  So the moral of the story is, do not get eaten by a lion.

How wonderful is this dress and hat! They make me feel as happy as some kind of thing that is happy whilst wearing wonderful hats and dresses.  A girl last night told me that I looked French, that made me happy too.  Hooray for the French!


dress and hat Dotti, shoes Sportsgirl


  1. that dotti dress! did you get it recently? it looks all flowy and it xx

  2. Your dress is really cute, I also like your surname too its nice!

  3. Great post, I'm all for taming lions too, cardboard gets soggy when wet :)

  4. most gorgeous lion tamer ever!!

    SWOON CITY with the boater!! :)


  5. HOORAY!! I love boaters I am waiting for mine to arrive in the post!! It will be a happy day when my boaty arrives!!

    Cute!! xo

  6. your blog is really really cool carry on like this!

    take a look at my blog and follow if you like!

    kisses from Italy!

  7. that hat is fan-dabby-dosey !
    i think you should sway to slow music on a river boat wearing it !

  8. You look wonderful in this. Love love. I never stop in Dotti for some strange reason.... I wonder why... You made me want to leap to the shops when i seen this shot on f/b hun xx


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