Friday, July 23, 2010

firewire hearts unicorns forever and always.................

It was a sad day today.  The beloved Firewire was leaving my work.  On his first day at our work 2 years ago, I decided that he would love unicorns.  So I proceeded to cover his desk in pictures of them and make unicorn themed nametags, no matter how much he tried to protest it's non manliness.  

His name isn't really Firewire, that is the nickname I gave him also, that managed to catch on throughout the whole department....

Here is a picture of the envelope his leaving card was in, I decorated it hardcore unicorn styles.  It was the most magical event......

p.s. Yes that is a unicorn with laserbeam eyes.  Everyone knows that unicorns have laserbeam eyes.


  1. firewire will be missed but i am sure the unicorn magicalness will live on in his heart for years to come. :)
    peace & love.

  2. Hip, hip hurrah! I'm so happy you've come back to the blogosphere! You're presence was missed dearly! ♥

    And this is one beautiful unicorn card, I must say, a unicorn masterpiece! ♥



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