Thursday, July 22, 2010

always with the bloggetty........

I seem to have lost inspiration for the land that is blog lately... I'm so ridiculously busy these days its so hard to find the time.  But I miss all my bloggy buddies and what not, so time to get back on the blog shaped pony.  So I am reuniting with my long forgotton resolution to try and blog once a day.

Here is a picture from wine times a couple of weeks ago, look at how classy I am with the way I hold the glass! Yes I am a classy thing.  I'm pretty sure 5 minutes before that I was pretending to be a dinosaur... Yeah..... dinosaurs are awesome!


  1. Oh, but classy wine-drinking dinosaurs are the best! Good luck with the blogging resolution :)

  2. miss you too bloggity friend. cheers to being classy dinosaurs. rawr.
    peace & love!

  3. cool post here lovie:))

    so full of summer!!!!!!

    visit and join!


  4. you are adorable!!! & very classy :)



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