Thursday, May 6, 2010


currently listening to Lemonade by CocoRosie, is it just me or are CocoRosie strongly channeling Gandalf on their new album cover!! GANDALF?!  I love Gandalf he is so awesome, you know what I love, that episode of Extras with Ian McKellan and he is all "Sir Ian Sir Ian Sir Ian GANDALF Gandalf Sir Ian Sir Ian"  Or something along those lines, and he is all "I'm not REALLY a wizard you know!!" Ho ho Sir Ian the things you say, OF COURSE you are really a wizard, you are just confused.

anyhoo it is rather pretty if you enjoy things that are Coco and Rosie, and actually the singing in the beginning reminds me A LOT of Tom Waits....

sketch of a dreamy dream catcher with I ruined by putting colour on, colour really ruins things sometimes, so I sepia-d it's ass.

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