Monday, May 25, 2009

But the clouds are clearing up.............

Yes it is a fringey top up above. It is from the ever lovely Maie of Maiden Threads. She is pretty damn lovely. So lovely that if you were to gather all the things that were lovely in the world and put them inside some kind of lovely holding cage, well she would still be more lovely. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING. Anyhoo, the tee is full of fringey goodness and it makes my heart happy so you know it is right.

Also, my lips look strangely unreal in that second picture. Which is funny too, they are REAL, they are made entirely out of lego pieces.. WHAT?!!?

Mr Bird had some Frankie love today, which made him very proud and honoursome. It was nice for his self esteem, sometimes Mr Bird feels bad about himself, and that is never okay. He went on an adventure to the moon today, which is always worth using your eyes to look at.


  1. love the the fringe top! looks great paired with the cardigan!

  2. Your lips look unreal HOT!

  3. in love with your hair!

    the crumpet girls

  4. Ahhh still loving that fringe on you. You rock it! And I was going to ask whether you'd had legosurgery but thought you'd probably take offense. Sorry. Now I know ;)

    p.s. There's an award for you on my blog. Yeah....

    And I have forgotten about Mr Bird. Shame on me, pets are not just for Christmas!

  5. love the photos and the little fingerprint on it :)


  6. wow wow wow!!! sick and still looking fabulous! thanks for making it look crazy good!!! xxxx

  7. may i stick this picture on my fb page?


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