Thursday, May 21, 2009

All I want in life is...

This yeti-knit cardigan by Romance Was Born.

Unfortunately, I do not have $450 to spend on a cardigan, because I have important things to pay for such as making sure my kitten doesn't have millions of kittens and train them to be strange kitten soldiers and eventually have world domination. So apparently the cardigan just doesn't make the cut. But I do like the cut of its jib.
If we could ever be together we would have a wild summer romance, except in winter. The cardigan and I would hold hands and skip on the beach and go bowling on Friday nights, and wear matching hats. We would be forever known as the cute matching hat couple, and all other cardigan/human relationships would strive to be as cool as us.
Instead, I will just have to pretend to be a yeti. Which is always a fun time.....

images from My Catwalk


  1. 450 $ O_o, too bad, cuz it's so cool !!

  2. Brilliant! I want it too! XOXO

  3. That looks like Rumi's sweater. I love it. And Manners by Passion Pit is awesome, thanks for the heads up! I recommend, Gogol Bordello and Clap your hands say yeah! :)


  4. that is one super fly cardigan, but kittens are important.

  5. Seriously loving anything and bloody EVERYTHING Romance Was Born. Again, like you, I'm not too keen on the hefty price tags attached. Boo. I did want to see what the hypothetical relationship you'd share with a yeti cardi would look like.

    Instead I may just have to invite you to x-wray for drinks and live music the next time I go. Seriously. Boooozing....yay!

    hope you and your kitten and your yeti have had a fruitfully peaceful weekend. I'm dreading work....noooo!

  6. Yeah, that's a beauty for sure!

    Hope you're fine sweety!


  7. ahhhhhh. pretty much want the entire collection. :)


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