Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well there is some kind of attempt at a pirate costume without actually having to put any effort in because effort goes against all my beliefs. Thanks Bicycle Pirate for the lend of the shirt you are very skilful at pirate related things quite obviously. There was a moustache involved in there somewhere, and an invisible eye patch. But looting everyone’s handbags was what really gave me that pirate style. What? Nothing...

On another note, being the designated driver last night, I had to slow down as firemen ran across the street because a house was fully on fire, that's right fully not just a little bit but all ablaze. It was pretty crazy. We had always thought it was abandoned but there was a girl on the street in her pjs so I guess not......

top Bicycle Pirate, leggings Sportsgirl, bag Urban Originals, boots Rubi


  1. looks good....stripes make it very pirate-y. i went to a pirate party once and left my sword in the taxi before i got there. was devestated.

  2. I like your humour.
    So perhaps you will appreciate this:
    Oh I once went a' sailing,
    but the boat got a hole in it,
    so i spent the whole time bailing, (the water out)
    'cos of the windmill that we hit.

    Marvel at my poetic brilliance!
    I do hope you have a lovely piratey day!

  3. i want your bangs soooo bad!

    the crumpet girls

  4. i love the stripes!
    very cute!


    frassy love

  5. Ahhh, love this outfit. I would rock it too (I'm a complete lazy bugger so it seems like a perfect outfit for me :).

    p.s. whoa at the whole ablaze fire...after that course of mine (and videos of the Melb fires), I'm a lil petrified of fires. Scary, scary things. Hope all were safe.
    p.p.s. job is fine, but I have that horrid cold that's going around so feel useless at work :/

    Also, I'm totally in on the new business venture. Wearing teeshirts? Prolific and brilliant advertising tool! Yes!

    Haha, hope your weekend has been eventful.

  6. The new blog of two fashionistas French, Olivia & Mariam, the next designer of this generation ;) hii come on !
    help us to be famous ;) see ya, xoxo

  7. Thankyou for my first (and only) comment! I was so excited, I'm such a loser :P
    Anyway, great look! And kittens are AWESOME! My friends tease me that I'm a cat lady and I only have one cat. So far.

  8. I love dressing up as a pirate xoxox

  9. Hey there, just stumbled across your site. You've got a nice blog here! Want to swap links?

  10. thank you sweetie :)
    I'm always down for feathers and stripes, SO i REALLY LOOVE THAT TEE!

    PS: Any new music for me?? ;)


  11. Hey baby!

    I'm loving the stripes and black and white theme... you rock it!
    Always do. xxx

  12. pirate boots are a must have always! cute photos!

  13. I need to start taking black & white photos soon! Awesome stripes!!:)

  14. yes, m'dear, you HAVE to check out x-wray. It's beyond rad....and just thinking about their bar makes me happy. We should prob schedule a drinking sesh there :D

    p.s. damn this killer cold...grrrr! hope you're on the way to recovery. and DD? you must've been really ill ;)

  15. your hair is lovely! I want mine to be as long

  16. woah! i always wanted to see a house on fire. not in a horrible way, an empty house with no children or adults or animals in it. x


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