Saturday, December 13, 2008


It is Saturday, and I have been up since 5.30 am, because I am crazy, and could not get back to sleep. Now I feel very tired and possibly I imagine lots of interesting things will occur today.

I am going on a magical journey to Shopping Land! It is a beautiful magical land, which could be made all the more beautiful if my friend Mr Neverending Money came along. But alas, I think he is busy (HE'S ALWAYS BUSY!!!).

I have been tagged by the ever amazing Nature Graffiti and the lovely Dane (who also gave me a lovely blog award! What a sweet lady.) to name 6 things that make me smile. I am particularly bad at remembering to do or mention nice tags, so you should all feel very proud of me right now for remembering!

1. The picture on the background of my work computer always makes me smile. It is this strange old man in a bright red suit lying in a trolley, and he is SO happy!! No one in my office thinks that it is weird at all to have a strange old man as my background...

2. Walrus' who play the saxophone.

3. A man jumping rope with a bear.

4. A man with a giant shoe for a head. Shoe man.

5. New glorious tunes, particularly ones at the moment which make me want to dance wildly in fields of daisies.

6. Across the world music love with Bicycle Pirate

Oh and speaking of blog awards the ever stylish LeFlassh awarded me with some blog love. Her blog pretty much deserves a million awards because it is amazing.

image from , I am hoping to find THIS in Shopping land today!


  1. indeed. hello to you too.

    walrus' with saxophone make me bemused too. it would be pretty inhumane if you didnt.


  2. cool bathing suit, and I like the six things you mentioned, they're all so funny!!

  3. you must must must get your tie-dye onesie.
    you have been thinking of it for AGES!
    it needs you. you need it.

    i hope you found it in shopping land.
    my. i love that place.

    You are way too funny.

    have a BEAUTIFUL weekend.
    enjoy the sun !!!


  4. that tie dye one piece is amazing! but alas, i cannot afford such a beautiful and stunning article of clothing. sad face.

    i hope you find what you're looking for at shopping land :)

  5. Mr. Never Ending Money never wants to cruise with me either, I feel your pain.

  6. the background of my computer is a photo by thecobrasnake in a chanel fashion show. that makes me smile too.. i love every dress i see.. =D

  7. So let me tell you how proud I am of you answering my tag/award. You rock my blogworld like the crazy blogfriend you are.. but what I really wanted to ask was.. where the heck is that swimsuit from. I think I will die if I dont have it. Like, now.

  8. I love your header :) And i agree on nr 5.

  9. 6 more reasons to love you more.


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