Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just be in love when you scream that song on and on...

The ever lovely L at Tjejsajten reminded me of the beauty of Cat Power, I hadn't listened to her in ages either. Cranking it up extra loud is a lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The times of the summer are upon us I think. Hooray Huzzah, the whole world rejoices.

My hair looks really ridiculous up like this, but it was wet and I am a very lazy gentleman, but anyway we all know how much you love my never ending ridiculousness. So I shall share it with you, and we will all hold hands and skip for an inappropriate amount of time.

Sunday again, how does this keep happening? Weekends should be changed to at least 7 days long. Lets all sign some kind of oversized petition and get that happening. Yes, I agree you all say. Let us all sign the giant petition immediately.

Blah blah blah

The end

cut up mens tee, A Store belt, Sportsgirl necklace, market sunnies


  1. Don't worry, tough girls in Hawaii with long long hair wear their hair like that too :)

  2. missy you look great with your hair like that! and i like the sunnies alot!!

  3. You look gorgeous! I used to wear my hair like that when It used to be long. Hair up like that and some sunnies or big earrings, very ferosh. Love the stripes.

  4. Another Sunday, another wonderful look from stompface.

    You wear the model top knot well, my friend.

    And to answer a long ago asked question - yes, jodes (platinum evil) would be my twin sister/partner in crime. She is much cooler than me, I knew it was only a matter of time before she out-blogged me...


  5. in Israel Sunday is like Monday
    really, you got nothing to complain about
    our weekend's only a day and a half!
    unless you don't work Fridays, like me :)
    tee hee.
    anyway great dress, awesome choice of belt

  6. Haha you are so adorable and hilarious! Oh I love MGMT, Those dudes sound so stupid, gigs NEVER start on time!! It's rock and roll baby.

  7. the mens tee looks great as a dress.. i love that you added the belt..

  8. i love that top!!! did you DIY it yourself? :) perfect!

  9. you loook awesome in that dress/shirt! you did a really good job cutting it up.

  10. your hair looks great like that - I always like throwing up the top-knot.

    you always end up with great waves that night ♥

  11. Hah you are so wonderful!!

    Your hair doesn't look ridiculous! It all looks so lovely and summery. I love the stripes!!

    Put my name down on the petition :)


  12. Your hair looks grand! The high-bun is my style-of-choice I wear it all the time! M cut her hair into a really cool shorter hair cut, but missed the high-bun so much she specifically grew it out again just to wear that very style!! SO either we're right and your bun is cool, or we are wrong and look silly all the time. . .
    Either way!!
    xo L
    PS. Yaaaaaaaaaay Cat Power! Meow!

  13. Cat Power, ahhh! Indeed special.
    I'm with you on the longer weekend bandwagon....the weekend goes by far too quickly.

    Ooh and loving the effortless cool of the outfit, its so Perth summer :)

  14. killer combination. fantastic!


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