Saturday, December 20, 2008

Arghhh Giant argggh....

Yes as far as I can tell I was pretending to be some kind of giant. It does seem like something I would do anyway. I do like giant things. If you look closely you can see just how giant I am as I am wearing some average sized spectacles around my neck. LOOK VERY CLOSELY. Get Mr Magnifying glass out and work as a team.

Where have I been all your life? I've been fairly absent in the land of blog again. Yet I don't actually appear to be getting much done in the real world. What am I doing with my time? I'm not too sure. Maybe Mr Digital Clock would like to shed some light on this.......oh it appears he was born without a mouth. Poor Mr Digital Clock. Well it shall forever remain a mystery.

It has come to my attention that I talk a whole lot of nonsense. No sense or dollars to be seen. Maybe if there were I could buy more shoes. Blah Blah Blah

The end

dress Sportsgirl, headband dotti, necklace brand I can't remember but it was at the One Teaspoon and Friends store and it made me jump for joy, shoes Siren


  1. Ah alas i cannot whip Mr magnifying glass out. Some petrificus spell or the sort stunning him and then some other one completely obliterating him. In short he is dead but my eyesight is not so poor as to not be able to see those cute wee specs. From a doll?

    Despite the 'bla-ce-ness' you mention, the old adage is a 'picture is worth a thousand words' so any extra by default is BLAH anyways right?

    Now look at me rambling things that do not make sense :P

    Ciao bella!

  2. i was wondering were you were missy!
    very pretty in that little dress and braided hair x

  3. Aha, there you are! Well I always miss your ramblings, so keep them coming. The dress is lovely, very flowy and dreamlike. And which dwarves did you steal those specs from? Although a little small for the face, they look very cute just like that. Keep up the giant work.
    My verfication today is DRAMS. Is that referring to my current personal drama? Methinks I am being mocked by Mr Blogspot himself, hmm.

  4. you look so beautiful!your style is adorable.would you like to exchange links?

  5. Oh i love your dress and the photos are so nice !!
    a bientot !

  6. Great look !!!!
    I love the dress !! so perfect

  7. oh my, how on earth did you grow so quickly to midget those poor eyeglasses? (yes I did just make "midget" a verb. and if it wasn't before, I hope it likes being a verb now :P)

    I've always imagined that if I made more sense there would be many more shoes involved :P

  8. I love reading about nonsense!

  9. Hahaha, giant spectacles :) I love your dress!

  10. i LOVE this for summer Stompface!
    you are super cute!

  11. haha ^-^
    posts don't have to make sense, your funny pic in the middle will do!
    Great dress btw!

  12. oh you do make me giggle!!

    and while you do look awfully fabulous, you look nothing like a giant. even with the cute little spectacle necklace

    good day

  13. that SPORTSGIL dress is great. i will even google sportsgirl now.

  14. hey giant stompy what's up?
    love your braid. you look lovely as usual.
    let's cut the bull though-
    could I have your headband?

  15. All I can say that you look absolutely gorgeous in that whimsical dress.
    Just lovely, as always.


  16. i am liking ur dress + your lovely long hair here. Oh and the shoes they are carzy cool . alas i am sporting wollen socks and big warm hats as it is cold xx

  17. Hehe, you're the new, hip, BFG.
    With an awsome frilly dress.
    And killer poses.

  18. Loverly. I want to be a giant too.

    There was a song by the misfits in Jem and the Holograms called "I am a Giant"

    It was a great song.

    I need coffee.


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