Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mr Rant

I am still confused by some of the idiots from last night at MGMT. MGMT has clearly become way too commercial, because I was surrounded by these silly people, who made me feel ashamed to be a human.

Mr Luke Steele was beautiful, and I think that I love him. Although when he came on, most people were all quiet, some people actually left, and these dudes next to us asked us "Who the hell is this guy?" and then stared at me blankly when I explained, and then were especially confused at my enthusiasm and love declaring.

There were this group of guys who had absolutely no clue standing next to us. They threw a glow stick right at the head of this guy on the microphone who was trying to crowd control. So this security guard came storming in and threw the dude out rather violently. But they were getting so agro because MGMT hadn't come on yet, and just going psycho. It was like, where is the love? I don't understand why everyone can't just be happy and chilled out? So MGMT came out at about 9:45 and these guys started going psycho and were all oh it's finishing at 10 o'clock. I was like yes, they are going to play a 15 minute concert, and told them that it was more likely to finish around 11 or 12, and they got SO angry at that, because they honestly thought they would be leaving at 10. I actually asked them, have you even been to a concert before, because I haven't been to any where they actually started on time, and the guy yelled at me and was like EVERY CONCERT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO IN THE WHOLE WORLD HAS STARTED ON TIME. Freakin' idiots.

There was this other girl who was going psycho yelling swearing like really filthy and angry because MGMT hadn't come on yet. She seriously screeched and swore for ages and ages. Then MGMT came on, and she spent the whole time making out with her boyfriend, and talking and messaging on her phone, and literally did not look at the stage once.

There were hilarious people, who looked like they had tried to dress up exactly like MGMT, with wild headbands and capes and what not. They looked like carbon copies. But ironically the dude they were trying to emulate came out heaps casual in a tee.

Anyway, I just wanted to dance and go wild and be free and happy, but I have come to the conclusion that people can't just be happy. How did our society get so angry?

Ok, the rant is over.

MGMT were all kinds of cool. I expected them to be more wild and hippyish, but they still rocked out. In fact they are a lot more rocker than I had thought. They played all the songs pretty much as you would hear them on the album, which is good and bad at the same time. I really like when bands experiment and play things differently at gigs, because if you wanted to hear the songs exactly the same, you would just sit at home and listen to their album.

I didn't get any pictures, because I thought it would be unsafe territory for Mr Camera. So everyone you must all use your imaginations instead!

And that's the end of that chapter....

picture from Google images


  1. Thank you, so much. Seriously I get it. Every time I go to a show I look around at the people who listen to the same music I do and realize their all either ignorant or depressing to my ego in some manner. Ha, I loved that ran baby. I even re read it a good number of times. <3

  2. i tried to get mgmt tickets but they were sold out in sydney.. and i agree with everything you wrote. concerts never start on time and thats just th way it is i hate when people get angry and start acting stupid as well. and i do think its better also when bands play different songs than just the usual ones you listen to on the radio day after day xx

  3. Arghhhh! I just saw you on the minkpink blog!

    Stompface is famous! Not that you weren't before haha but seriously how fabulous

    And snaps for your photographer, who is doing a loverly job

    I giggled when you mentioned Tobias

    the other concert goer's behaviour didn't sound very rock and roll at all.

    your rant was very understandable, especially the part about the screechy girl.

    love for all, i say, and naysayers can sit in the corner and mope on their own

    brilliant work!

  4. Some people are just idiots, seriously! I have never been to a concert that started on time. MGMT is all hotness, I am dying of envy right now. I also think you should have thrown a glow stick at those annoying people, especially the annoying dude who yelled at you.

  5. hello stompface lover <3 my oh my i have missed your posts. i have been missing from commenting blogs due to business haha. seriously i thought u were jessica simpson in one of your last posts. thats a compliment cause i think shes hot!! <3 like u!

  6. i do wish there were photos, but it's okay :) i'll use my imagination!

    La C.

  7. ahh man i'm totally feeling you on this one!
    idiots like them make me so angry at concerts, they really ruin the night.
    i'm going to N*E*R*D next year and i'm afraid of the same thing happening, girls are gonna get so bitchy from trying to get attention from Pharrell.
    i wish ppl acted more hippy and chilled out at concerts hahaha! for real.

  8. Awesome rant lady! I SO know what you mean. Maybe it is just teenagers in Perth? Also who the hell thinks concerts finish at EXACTLY THE TIME STATED ON THE TICKET? Obviously that dude has no experience in ROCK.

  9. oh god I would have totally helped you executed some major face punches.

    you've basically listed all of my biggest concert pet peeves.

    I'm glad you still got to enjoy some awesome music though ♥

  10. Oh my gosh, that totally sux about stupid people, grrr! I would have smacked a ho, but anyways I love MGMT. I saw them perform last summer, their music is so mesmerizing and happy! :)


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