Wednesday, April 3, 2013

once upon a time there was a blog.....

........and how is it there is blue highlighter all over my arm? It is perhaps because I was using blue highlighter today.  Sometimes I draw all over my face to make it more beautiful, but according to my 3 year old niece it is not working.  I am mainly doing a blog post because I am waiting for things to load on to my usb.  Load already, I haven't got all day. Except I do.  Except not really.  I don't know what I'm saying, maybe we can get Ice to cater the wake?  Here I am wearing things that are stripey, updating this blog for the sake of waiting for things to load and being covered head to toe in highlighter.

blazer Bardot, top/dress Sportsgirl, shoes Betts (they are GOLD Jack.), necklace Wildfox, lipstick MORANGE (MAC), bag Forever New.  (I believe this is a wonderful outfit because it did not cost me 10 million dollars so instead of living in a cardboard box I get to live in a beautiful cedar house, win win!)

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