Friday, April 5, 2013

Needs more mermaid...

And things that are shiny. And then you can attract all the magpies in the world because they love shiny things and you will also be wearing an alfoil pirate hat at the time. Then with your mermaid/magpie army you will rule the world and can surround yourself with everything that is good.

This has nothing to do with my outfit here, it's just a good life plan.

Dress Sportsgirl, boots Betts, necklace Wildfox, shades Sportsgirl, trees and grass Mother Earth.


  1. I need that dress! Such an amazing color. I'm searching for it online now, tell me it's recent! xx

  2. Hey love. I got it on sale a couple of weeks ag! For like 30 bucks! So not sure if it's on the website anymore. But it's an amazing dress! Such lovely material. Hopefully you can track one down. Xx


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