Sunday, April 7, 2013

almost unicorns and days that aren't friends.....

It is Sunday, which in my opinion is too dangerously close to Monday.  Monday and I have not been  getting on for several years.  We may never be friends again.  Opinion is a funny word, it is almost onion if you remove some letters, and almost unicorn if you add some and remove some, you know change the word completely.  Horses are good because they are Almost Unicorns.  So I'm not a fan of horse meat, you are eating an almost unicorn!  I don't know if almost unicorns cause you to be cursed for almost life.  I'd have to ask my good friend Harry. These questions are far too puzzling for a Sunday morning.
Here are some things that are floral to sooth your mind.  Look at Maxy Moo! He is a wonderful old dog.
dress MINKPINK, shades Sportsgirl, necklace Wildfox, Max Cocker Spaniel and Best Friend


  1. Ohhh Moo!!! Huzzah for new blog posts!

  2. Ohhh im a wally and posting under my old blog.. twerp!

  3. What a sweet dress!


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