Thursday, September 27, 2012

a cowboy stole my heart..........

Oh blogging world, I have been very busy lately and have not visited you in some time.  Today I had a tooth removed from my face, so what better time to blog than now.  I had one wisdom tooth taken out this morning, needles in your mouth are not fun, but at least it is out now.
Anyways I'm not supposed to drink or eat anything for about 4 hours. So obviously all I want to do is eat and drink everything in the house.  I always want to do the opposite of what I'm told.
Also weather, HOW WINTER do you want to be? Speed up time to the weekend when things are getting a bit warmer.
I can't feel my face.
The End
sportsgirl sneaks and top, miss shop skirt, wildfox necklace, dotti bracelet


  1. I definitely agree with the weather! It's been cold ALL year haha I hope your face feels better soon x

  2. Oh I love this shirt!! So cool. And I just bought those sneakers. Love them! I reaaaallly wanted the Isabel Marant ones, but who can justify the price tag... besides they're sold out everywhere. Boooo! Love this outfitty Miss. I hope your face feels better soon. So happy to see you back in bloggity blog land!! xxx

  3. You are a babe! You look super peachy and love them shews on Yeee - I suppose it's a bad time to tell you I'm eating a delightful sesame bar , yup I have food in my mouth and it's delicious. Hope your mouth allows you to eat too, very soon ! Xxxxx

  4. Oh what fun I could have with your wardrobe Miss! This outfit is so 'I-just-chucked-this-on-and-I-look-freakin'-cool'! But on a more serious note (not that clothes aren't serious), I haaaate having teeth taken out! Good luck with the whole not eating/drink thing!

  5. Ouch getting wisdom teeth out is not fun :( hope you're feeling much better now! I remember when I had mine out all I ate was jelly and yogurt - totally healthy

  6. I love this tee shirt!!!

  7. I love this so much, been thinking it a while, but thought I would finally write it down as I'm sure even though we probably should be able to, you can't read my mind. LOVE OX


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